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A world traveler and master of the culinary arts, Irvine's Spirits owner Robert Irvine is a man committed to a relentless search for the unique and remarkable. A restaurant owner of blue-collar roots, he believes everyone deserves a taste of the best that life has to offer. Irvine's Spirits is the culmination of that dream. Each hand-crafted bottle adheres to the most stringent standards of a chef wholly obsessed with quality.

“You shouldn’t have to be rich to enjoy a little luxury,” Robert says. “Every morning, you get up and give it your best. At the end of the day, you deserve the best in your glass.”



Robert’s decades of culinary experience and highly trained palate is the guide for everything we do, from the ingredient selection, to the precision distillation process, to the bottling. He works by a simple motto: Only the best. Period.

“The sacrifices of the men and women defending our freedom must never be forgotten.”


Chef Robert Irvine

A portion of Irvine's Spirits proceeds support the Robert Irvine Foundation

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